Thin LED Light Box

The Brightest LED Panel Light Box on The Planet.

Thin LED Panel Light Box

Thin LED Panel Light Boxes give duratrans and backlit signage a high definition appearance using bright LED lighting. Made right here in the USA, this LED light box sets a new standard of quality within the industry.  With Thin LED’s lightweight, durable design it can be placed almost anywhere from the wall to hanging from a fixture. Day or night, capture shoppers’ attention by bringing your brand images to life with Thin LED Panel light boxes. 


Replacing graphics can be done in less than a minute with ThinLED light boxes.

Made in the USA

All ThinLED light boxes are produced right here in the United States.


ThinLEDs are rated to last 100,000 hours and carry a 3 year warranty.


All ThinLED light boxes have been rigorously tested and are UL certified.


Snap Frame Light Box

Thin LED light boxes are engineered to be one of the thinnest, yet heavy-duty snap frames on the marketplace. At less than one inch deep, the frame practically lays flat on the wall. These snap frames are scale-able and can accommodate any print. With the ease of these snap frames, graphics can be changed in under a minute. That along with a variety of frame colors to choose from, will give you the perfect snap frame to save you time and meet your design needs.

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Color Temperature

The color temperature of your light panel dictates the color of light displayed and the brightness of the graphic. ThinLED light boxes use a light source that is near pure white with only a slight tinge of blue, this increases brightness perception. 

The perfect color temperature paired with the ultramodern frame design will illuminate your graphics better than any other light box.


ThinLED light boxes are designed to have maximum brightness for optimum visibility. Each ThinLED frame is created with only the best optical grade acrylic on the market, a 90% reflective backer and the seams are blocked out to prevent all light leaks. 

Never worry about brightness in your light boxes again. Well, you may have to worry, but with a lifespan of 100,000 hours you won’t have to worry for a really long time.

Even Illumination

There is nothing that looks worse in a light box than uneven illumination. ThinLED light boxes provide consistent lighting from corner to corner. The frame design guarantees that illumination is dispersed evenly across the panel, even in the center with no shadows or banding. 

Make sure that your graphics aren’t being left in the dark. Make sure you use ThinLED light boxes.

Placement Options

The retail environment is ever changing and so too are your signage needs. There are times where a light box that is placed on the wall isn’t an option. ThinLED light boxes are lightweight, durable and easy to mount making unique placements a reality. 

ThinLED light boxes can be hung from fixtures with proper mounting, as well as the standard wall mount.

Custom Options

There are no standards when it comes to ThinLED light boxes. ThinLED light boxes can accommodate odd and large sizes, wire management requests, and custom mounting needs for those times when the standard options don’t work. 

We will work with you to deliver the best solution by offering design suggestions whether it’s fitting into fixtures on curved surfaces or lighting up an entire wall..

Heat Management

ThinLED light boxes are constructed to diffuse heat with an ultramodern frame design that guarantees that it will be comfortable to the touch. LEDs get very hot if not properly diffused, but don’t worry each frame goes through a series of heat management tests. 

Whether a graphic needs to be changed by an employee or a curious customer touches your ThinLED light box, you don’t need to worry as the light box will be comfortable to the touch.

LED Light Box

Mechanical Drawings

We will prepare mechanical spec sheets for each size if needed.
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