Top 5 Advantages of Using Silicone Edge Graphics for Signage

By July 15, 2015 Products

With all of the different signage medias that are out there, it can be difficult to choose the right application that will be visually effective at getting attention in stores from shoppers, while remaining economical. Silicone Edge Fabric Graphics (SEG) are available to accomplish just that. In fact, SEG’s offer many advantages over traditional printed signage applications. Here are 5 reasons your brand should consider using Silicone Edge Graphics to display signage imagery. 

#1 Fashionable Appearance

Branded image appearance is one of the most significant factors in leaving a lasting impression with shoppers. SEG’s and Fabric Framing Systems are popular in retail environments because they display printed fabric with a fashionable frameless look that audiences notice. A silicone beading is sewn around the graphic so the fabric can stretched taught over the perimeter of the frame and tucked into a small channel, simulating the smooth appearance of a rigid substrate, but with edgeless dimension. The graphic also isn’t distracted by a glossy polycarbonate face sheet like traditional framing systems. Printed using a direct dye sublimation process, fabric signage has a dramatic presence with the vibrant color density and high definition image clarity that premium brands demand.

Top 5 advantages for Framed Fabric Displays
Silicone Edge Fabric Top 5 advantages

#2 Easy To Change Out Graphics in Frame

Changing out fabric graphics from the framing system is a simple process that can be achieved with minimal effort or know how. The fabric has a sewn silicone gasket around the perimeter of the graphic, that is easily inserted into a channel groove around the edge of the frame. There is no risk of damaging the fabric when installing in a frame. If you are going to be changing out graphics often, SEG’s and Fabric Frames should considered.

stretch fabric framing fabric signage edgeless SEG fabric and frames framing systems silicone edgeframeless

#3 Economical for Larger Sizes

Fabric is lightweight and durable, much less cumbersome than traditional medias. This makes SEG’s more friendly for larger signage applications. There is an advantage over traditional rigid substrate prints and vinyl, because fabric is easier to handle when installing. Also, fabric can be folded, so shipping and storage is much more economical in larger sizes (36″ x 48″ and up).  Not only are shipping costs lower, the risk of damage is almost non-existent when handling.

Fabric Framing Systems and Fabric Graphics are perfect for Retailers.

#4 Customizable Framing System

Every retail environment is different, so space is always an issue.  Fabric framing systems can be custom built to your exact size specifications. Single or double-sided, LED backlit,  wall-mounted, ceiling suspended, or free-standing applications are all possible. The aluminum framing systems can also be powder coated to match any custom color finish, as opposed to the standard silver and black. The end result is a signage display that can adapt to any retail environment and display effective signage.

#5 Popular in Many Environments

Silicone Edge Graphics are already being used by premium retail stores including Macy’s, H&M, Nike Town, Aldo, and many more. Because of its dramatic appearance, this application is popular in many venues using imagery to promote a message, not just retail stores. SEG’s are also effective in hotels, tradeshows, sports arenas, offices, and more. For the same reasons, these environments all have potential to use SEG’s to promote a visual message.

Printed Silicone Edge Fabric top 5 advantages
Top 5 reason to use backlit fabric silicone edge signage

Silicone Edge Fabric Graphics are a popular signage application for a reason, they offer many advantages over traditional medias. Because of this, your brand should consider using SEG’s to impact shoppers with signage.  If you are interested in learning more about Silicone Edge Graphics and Fabric Frames, please feel free to Contact Us or give us a call at 800-962-3119.

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