Top 5 Examples of 2.5D Parallax Animation Videos for Digital Signage

By June 22, 2016 Uncategorized
Static signage used to create Digital Signage video

Stunning 2.5D Videos for Digital Signage Campaigns

Digital Signage has a number of different styles and techniques to bring the brand message to life using motion graphics.

We’ve narrowed it down to a few different content styles, which include: Animated Static or 2.5D parallax, Lifestyle video, Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and Digital Signage videos that use a combination of the three.

To make the production of digital signage easier, brands are starting to move away from Lifestyle and CGI videos due to the elaborate costs and time to produce these Digital Signage Videos.

Many brands are starting to use static imagery from printed signage displays, and retooling it for motion by using 2.5D parallax animations. This high production value animation technique brings static photography, logos and text to life! We’ve found five videos that really highlight the 2.5D Video Signage techniques.

Dylan Photography

This 2.5D parallax video is a engagement and wedding slideshow using only single photos turned into animated works of art. You can truly feel like you were there during these special moments.


The video was made through the technique of 2.5 D parallax animation. This 2.5D  practice simulates a 3D environment using animated pictures. The video was broadcast at the Stadium during the tournament and live on the web as a new campaign for the Six Nations Rugby Tournament.

Nike Ad

By using Adobe Photoshop and AfterEffects the still images, logos and text were able to be impressively animated using 2.5D parallax techniques. Because of the versatility that 2.5D animation offers, it is no wonder brands are starting to move towards this unique Digital Signage technique.

H&M New Neutrals Campaign

H&M launched their Spring -Summer 2015 global campaign fronted by Dutch model lara Stone. ‘The New Neutrals’ collection photographed by Mikael Jansson embraces the utilitarian fashion trend.

The Digital Signage video uses looping parallax animations that bring the stunning photographic campaign to life and was an integral part of H&M’s global 2015 spring / summer campaign.

United Way – Television Campaign

Make Productions partnered with United Way Canada to produce their 2015 national television campaign. Using imagery from award winning photographer and director Derek Shapton to produce 2.5D parallax animation, United Way Canad’as 2015 national television campaign was an amazing success.