Unique Falconboard Display at Bloomingdales

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Printed Falconboard displays at bloomingdales

Unique Falconboard Display at Bloomingdales

The Flagship Bloomingdales store in New York City is always on their visual display game.  This time it was all about unique Falconboard applications.  

The recyclable cardboard substrate was constructed to be self standing and large to promote the Bloomingdales clothing collection. The colors combined with a unique design make this display a winner. Not to mention, it can be recycled after retirement!

Falconboard is available in different colors, thickness and finishes. It is sweeping through the retail world as a viable new green solution for point-of-purchase displays.

The signage was not printed by 40 VISUALS, but if you are interested in printing and building custom Falconboard displays please give us a shout at 800-962-3119 to get started!

falconboard display Bloomingdales NYC
Falconboard display Bloomingdales printed