Signage Management System Dashboard Software Updates

By June 24, 2016 Uncategorized

New Signage Management System Dashboard Updates go live Monday June 27th!

In an effort to continually improve and make ordering signage easy and efficient, we are proud to announce the following upgrades to the signage management dashboard.  There are improvements to requesting and tracking orders with signage installation. We believe these new features will result in a better user experience for all!

Smarter Navigation: Place Order, Get Quote, and Search buttons are now conveniently located together.

Individualized Widgets: New modules for a more personalized experience depending on your access level, for example, if you are a marketing manager or a salesperson.

Fewer Clicks: Store orders are now presented in an easy to access list view, eliminating the need to click through to another page. (Orders can still be accessed from the status links running across the lower portion of the page if necessary)

Streamlined Installation Process: Installation tracking is now available on the dashboard. Orders with installation are now updated as they are quoted, scheduled at the location, and when completion photos have been received.

New Widget Features

Attention Needed

Orders in this area have not yet been submitted to 40 VISUALS and require action. These are requested orders, if you are a Marketing Manager level user, waiting for your approval. If you are a Salesman level user, these are Incomplete Orders waiting to be completed or deleted if no longer needed.

Your Open Orders

This section shows all orders currently in progress arranged by status. You can easily see where an order is as it goes through production from processing to being printed and shipped. These status lists can be expanded and contracted for easy access. Orders with rush dates and installations are shown with icons for quick identification when scrolling.

Installation Scheduled

All orders with professional installation requested will be listed here. If the installation has been scheduled, it will be listed chronologically by date. In a quick glance you can see what  store location installations are in progress on a given date.

Installation Info Status Bar

Each order page will now have installation details at the top to easily track the progress of your installation. Requesting installation of items is more intuitive with improved visibility of the Add Installation link. Once a product is selected, add installation will now appear as a blue button prompting you to add notes specific to the installation if needed. 

If you would like a one on one demo of these new features please contact your 40 VISUALS representative.