Vinyl Decals for Brick Wall and Window at Grand Armory Brewing Company

By September 1, 2015 Products
Grand Armory Brewing Company Adhesive Vinyl Brick Wrap Graphic

We have been working closely with a local brewing company to provide them with signage solutions. The Grand Armory Brewing Company is a craft brewery with a focus on high quality, traditional styles of beer. The setting of their taproom is in one of Grand Haven, MI’s oldest and most historical buildings in the downtown area.

After getting in touch with co-founder, Ryan Andrews, an appointment was set up to visit the building and discuss signage options for the space.

Their biggest issue was coming up with an option for their large historical brick wall. The initial concept was to have an artist hand paint their logo onto the brick wall, but because it is a landmark building, painting was not an option. To provide that hand painted look for their brick wall, we decided to use Rough Wrap, also known as Brick Wrap. Rough Wrap is an adhesive back vinyl that is applied using heat guns. The heat allows the vinyl to bond with the textured surface and give the appearance of paint, which was perfect for this application.

Grand Armory Brewing Co. Installation Proccess
Rough Wrap Installation Grand Armory Brewing Co.
Grand Armory Brewing Co. Rough Wrap Installation.

We also produced several glass window decals, which were applied to the storefront glass doors. The glass decal is pictured below along with Aldea Coffee’s window decal.


Once the artwork was received, Creative Director, Lacey Hensen started out with the layout of the logo file – getting it properly set up to size, applying the correct cut lines, and finally sending it to print production. The Digital File Layout process is one of the first essential steps to creating a flawless visual.

The Installation Coordinator,  Andrea Feehan reached out to Grand Armory Brewing Co. and scheduled the appointment for install. Several of the 40 VISUALS’ team performed the installation, which required both scaffolding to reach the application area and a special heat gun to apply the Rough Wrap.

Upon the completion, the Grand Armory Brewing Company expressed their thanks and gave 40 VISUALS a nice shout out on Instagram later that week. If you have any specific projects you’re working on that requires a unique application, please feel free to contact any member of the 40 VISUALS team for guidance with design ideas, media solutions, hardware options, and cost effective pricing.