Vinyl Mesh Banner Signage for Construction Sites

By October 16, 2014 Uncategorized
Mesh Vinyl Barricade
Vinyl with mesh pattern for construction sites
mesh vinyl signage for construction sites
Vinyl mesh for construction site
Perforated Mesh Vinyl widely used for sturdy outdoor applications.

Vinyl Mesh Signage for Construction Sites 

Vinyl mesh is another great outdoor signage application that can be used for construction sites. The mesh pattern offers a distinct opacity, while still providing enough print surface area for enhanced image resolution and color reproduction. Like our Perforated Adhesive Vinyl for windows, the properties of the banner material allow for complete visibility through the back of the graphic.

The mesh vinyl can be used not only as a barricade for a construction site, but also as a method of promoting your company. The mesh vinyl is a hung using grommets and is a semi-permanent form of signage that is easy to install and remove.

This particular application was used by Rockford Construction in Grand Rapids, MI featured a mesh vinyl banner barricade with grommets that not only limited visibility to the site, but also displayed an aesthetically pleasing visual instead of something that usually is an eye-sore.

The signage was not printed by 40 VISUALS, but we offer comparable signage products. If you are interested in Mesh Vinyl Banners for your project please contact 40 VISUALS at 800-962-3119