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Wall-Recessed SEG Fabric Light Boxes for a Frameless Look

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Recessed Light Boxes To Sit Flush With The Wall

Back-lit signage is the best way to display large, eye-catching artwork in a retail environment. Today, the most popular form of back-lit signage is achieved with frameless SEG Fabric Light Boxes and Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG). In the past, retailers were using traditional snap frame light boxes with duratrans, but retailers like H&M, Apple and Under Armour are now moving to back-lit Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) in stores to engage shoppers.

One of the advantages of Silicone Edge Graphics, apart from the ease of changing out artwork, is the frameless look it exudes from the front. Since many of our customers want backlit signage that sits flush with the wall, we are often helping customers recess these light boxes into the wall so the hardware can’t be seen. SEG Light Boxes and Backlit Fabric is the best option if you wish to attain a flush, frameless look for back-lit signage.

Silicone Edge Graphic is often referred to as SEG. There are prints with a thin silicone beading sewn around the edge that fits in a special frame. Once the print is installed in the frame, it has a smooth, frameless appearance from the front.

As we work with stores to incorporate SEG Fabric Light Boxes into their visual presentation, there are many cases where the store prefers the light box to be recessed into the wall so the hardware is hidden. This involves cutting out a wall cavity for the light box to sit. While it may involve extra steps in the beginning, the recessed look is worth the extra effort.

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In a recent project for Adventure Credit Union in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we produced a 10ft. wide X 8ft. tall SEG Light Box and Back-lit Fabric graphic that was recessed into he wall. The final result was beautiful signage that had a flush, frameless look. Customers of the credit union are drawn to the large signage as it adds a visual presence to the already beautiful environment. The best part is that the back-lit fabric graphics are easy to change out of the light box so there is a different graphic for each season.

If you are looking for recessed wall signage using SEG Light Boxes and Silicone Edge Graphics Give us a shout at 800-962-3119.

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