What are Silicone Edge Graphics?

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Silicone Edge Graphics are everywhere these days. From signage at iconic retail stores, to free-standing trade show display structures, and even wall art for home decor. They are impossible to miss, if you are looking. Silicone Edge Graphics are popular in wide-format printing today because they meet the needs of modern buyers who want to display huge printed graphics conveniently. So what exactly are Silicone Edge Graphics and why are they so popular?

Silicone Edge Graphics, also referred to as SEG for short, get their name from the thin silicone beading sewn around the edge of the printed graphic, which fits into a channel around the outside of the framing. Usually printed on a soft fabric material using a dye-sublimation ink process, the prints don’t scratch or tear, which makes them easy to transport, which a common a of traditional paper-based signage products. Once inserted, the material stretches taut, giving the print a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance in the frame. 

The advancements in printing technology has opened the door for fabric to thrive as popular form of printed signage. Fabric graphics are now more photorealistic than ever, and more durable than traditional print media like canvas, posters and plastic substrates. Because of this, Silicone Edge Graphics have taken off in all different areas. 

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Framing for Silicone Edge Graphics

The frames for Silicone Edge Graphic Frames are lightweight and portable, making them convenient to transport. The metal frames are also referred to as “edgeless” or “frameless” because they don’t border the face of the prints like regular frames. You can only see the framing from the side of the graphic so it doesn’t distract from the image. Framing is available as single or double-sided options and can be used as Wall-Mounted, Freestanding or Ceiling Suspended. 

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Backlit Option

Silicone Edge Graphics are also being displayed with LED Light Box frames for backlit signage. Similar to Duratrans, which is a film like material with photographic properties used for backlit applications, the Silicone Edge Graphics are illuminated from behind to enhance their noticeability in high traffic areas like retail stores. SEG fabric graphics used for backlit are printed usually with a higher ink saturation to diffuse the light. Silicone Edge Graphics is quickly becoming the preferred option for backlit signage over traditions medias like Duratrans for all the reasons mentioned above. 

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Custom Silicone Edge Graphics

 Silicone Edge Graphics and framing a highly customizable. For this reason, they are popping up in lots of different environments and industries. For example, available solutions are TV Monitor Mounting, Curved Frames, and Inside Outside Corners Allowing for L-Frames and cubes, pedestals, counters, towers, cubicles.

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Retailers Using Silicone Edge Graphics

Many retailers have recognized that Silicone Edge Graphics are a core form of signage in stores and pop-up shops across the globe because they are durable and easy for anyone to install. Brands including Tuft & Needle, Apple, Under Armor, Nike, Citizen Watch, Dior, Sally Beauty, Charter Spectrum and TAG Heuer are using large Silicone Edge Graphic signage to turn heads.

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Silicone Edge Graphics for Trade Shows

Freestanding Silicone Edge Graphic Non-lit Frames and Light Boxes are a favorite choice for Trade Shows and Pop-Up Events. The fabric is durable, easy to transport and can be used repeatedly. It is the perfect solution for events. Silicone Edge Graphic can be swapped out with a new graphic effortlessly so that the display can be used for different events. Some brands that are using SEG signage for Trade Shows and Pop-Up Events are Absolute NY, Bering Time, Haggar, and CAT Footwear.

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Silicone Edge Graphics as Wall Art and Home Decor

Framed Silicone Edge Graphics are emerging as a popular form of wall art for any consumer. These prints have started to enter the world of home decor as an alternative to a canvas print or poster due to their customizable abilities. Since the framing systems are lightweight and the graphics are easy to change out and maintain, Silicone Edge Fabric Graphic Frames and Light Boxes are a great solution when trying to spruce up your walls. One company that offers oversized wall art prints is BIG Wall Decor.

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How do I learn more about SEG Fabric and Framing Systems?

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