What’s SEG Signage & What Retailers are Using It?

SIlicone Edge Fabric Signage for Trade Shows

What is SEG?

SEG is a new type of printed application that makes using large format graphics easy for brands and retailers.  SEG is short for Silicone Edge Graphics, meaning that the edges of the fabric graphic are sewn with a thin silicone strip that is inserted into a channel around the perimeter of the frame. Once installed, the graphic has a smooth appearance that is superior to even a rigid substrate.

Below is the video we produced about this exciting new trend in retail signage.

What Retailers Are Using It?

SEG Fabric and Framing Systems provide an abundance of benefits compared to other large format signage options. They are easy to assemble and interchange graphics, cost effective,  have a modern upscale appearance, are customizable, and offer rich color density and quality for large visual impact.

This makes SEG Fabric Signage a very attractive option for luxury retail brands. You can find SEG Fabric in many different retailers including: NikeTown, Topshop, Tesla, Old Navy, Citizen, H&M, and many others.

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It is clear that SEG Fabric and Frames are the right way to go big with large format imagery. If you are interested in how you can utilize SEG Signage for your retail space or next event, please give us a call at 800-962-3119 and one of our knowledgeable representatives will assist you.