Window Graphic Options That Create Curb Appeal

By February 18, 2014 Uncategorized

Window Signage That Enhances Store Presence

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you want to sell your home, improve its curb appeal!”.

The same idea applies for retail store windows and selling the products inside. If you want to attract shoppers, make sure your storefront is visually appealing.

Remember, this is your chance to make a first impression with shoppers and start the buying process. The looks in this blog are achieved by getting creative with your windows, using multiple layers of applications and mixing medias. These window signage options can help boost retail curb appeal and bring more foot traffic inside your store.


Outdoor Window Decals

Glass is the perfect surface for signage with an adhesive back. Outdoor Window Vinyl can undoubtedly transform the look of a storefront. The quality adhesive backing is protected by a peel off liner, which makes for an easy installation. These products are built to withstand all weather conditions.


Indoor Window Clings 

Sometimes window signage needs to be applied inside the store facing the street. In this case we recommend Indoor Window Clings. This media does not have an adhesive backing, it relies on static cling. Because of this, clings should not be applied outdoors. Indoor clings are often used with other forms of signage to create a layered 3-D effect when looking into the store window. Also easy to install.


See-Through Perforated Vinyl

Worried about restricting the view from inside the store with large window graphics?Invisa-View Perforated Vinyl allows windows to be covered in brilliant full color graphics which are viewable from the outside, but disappear when viewed from the inside. This is quite possibly the most popular outdoor option for store windows. It is now available in Cling as well!


Window Decals

Custom Die-Cut Shapes

Covering windows with square graphics can get boring after awhile. Looking for new ideas to display graphic artwork? Try being creative with the shape of window decals to create even more interest! There is an unlimited variety of shapes that can be contour cut out of Adhesive Vinyl, Perforated Vinyl and Window Cling material. Utilizing enticing shapes for window signage helps keep storefronts looking fresh and exciting. Ask 40 VISUALS to help set up your artwork for custom die-cut graphics FREE with printing!


Hanging Window Signage 

Hanging signage is a great way to display graphics without touching the window itself. Most applications hang from the ceiling.  Combined with other items such as mannequins and products, hanging solutions can create a layered window display experience. There are a few hanging singe options to consider. Hanging could include metal grommets, sewn in pole pockets, or our favorite Gotcha hanging hardware kits, shown above.


Window Cling on Glass Doors

Other things to remember –

Don’t Forget the Door – When thinking about storefronts, windows immediately come to mind, and doors get forgotten. Welcome customers into your store by utilizing graphics on the door!

Engage Customers After Hours – Take advantage of the fact that customers strolling by your store after hours. A great way to engage 24/7 is to include decals of social media icons, or QR codes.

Change It Up – Every window display will loose its original pizzazz  as time passes. To remain appealing to customers change storefront signage often.

For more widow graphic and other signage inspiration visit our flickr gallery!