Window Perf Signage for Interior Glass

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perforated vinyl windows signage interior glass see thru printing installation graphics

Perforated Vinyl on Interior Glass Windows

Glass windows always have potential for large signage graphics, but the type of signage used depends on the window itself. There are several options for glass window signage because every window is different depending on the visibility.

For this project, we printed and installed large Perforated Vinyl (Window Perf) on the inside of the glass that overlooks the street on the University of Minnesota campus. Because the windows were elevated above the street, we chose a 2nd surface application so the graphics could be installed from the inside, making it easier. The term “2nd surface” means signage that’s applied to the inside of the glass, with the graphic facing outside. This is a common application for signage that’s applied to inside glass windows.

perforated vinyl windows glass interior inside see thru mesh adhesive
mesh vinyl perforated perf windows glass interior

Perforated Vinyl, often referred to as Window Perf, features tiny holes in a mesh-like pattern that makes it possible to see-thru the graphic from behind. The advantage to this media, over Solid Adhesive Vinyl, is that it doesn’t restrict the view facing out. So, you can still look out the window and see everything outside even though there is a graphic covering it.

Window Perf is available for both inside and outside applications (1st surface vs. 2nd surface) so depending on the window will determine which one to use. Window Perf for 1st surface applications has an adhesive backing and is applied to the outside of the glass, while 2nd surface Window Perf features adhesive strips on the top and bottom of the front of the graphic and applied to the inside of the glass.

Glass windows allow for many possibilities for effective signage, but the challenges for each application need to be carefully considered before ordering. If you have glass windows that you want to cover with engaging graphics, please contact at 800-962-3119 to help you choose the right application. 


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