All Window Perfs are Not Created Equal for Storefronts

By August 23, 2016 Products

Perforated vinyl, also known as Window Perf by many industry professionals, is a popular form of retail signage for storefronts.  The vinyl material has an adhesive back with a mesh pattern of tiny holes that are approximately 1.5mm in diameter.  The small holes in the media allow you to install your printed visual on a window and still be able to see out from the inside.

The proportion of holes compared to the solid areas of the vinyl vary depending on the supplier of the media and the visual effect that is intended.  For example, if the Window Perf is “80/20” which means that 80% of the material is solid and 20% is removed, so 80% of the media is printable.  The more solid the material the better image quality you see when facing the print and the less transparent the image will appear.

40 VISUALS has now replaced our 70/30 vinyl with an Invisa-view Window Perf product that has an 80/20 material composition.  This guarantees the maximum amount of print surface for image clarity, while still retaining the popular see-through view from the back.

Storefront Window Perf

If you are interested in seeing this in person please click the link below to fill out the form and we will send you a complete sample book that contains the premium 80/20 Invisa-view Window Perf media.