Energy-Efficient LED Lighting for SEG Fabric Light Boxes

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Energy-Efficient LED Lighting for Backlit Graphics

LED Lighting plays an important role in perimeter lit silicone-edge fabric light box displays. The difference between good lighting and bad lighting in a light box makes all the difference in your graphic’s overall appearance.┬áThe best perimeter lighting should bring backlit fabric to life with an evenly-lit vibrant glow, but the LED’s must be powerful enough to illuminate the graphic evenly and also energy-efficient enough to be economical. With the advancements in lighting technology, we are able to introduce our newest generation of LED lighting, BIPS Edge Lit LED Module.

Built-in Power Supply LED Light Modules

BIPS stands for Built-In Power Supply. With the power supply built into the light module itself, the BIPS LED does not need a separate power supply like past generations of light bars. Simply connect the light bar to a 110v or 240v power source and the built-in power supply automatically inverts the signal to the 24v needed for the LED lights.

With a life expectancy of over 30,000 hours and only requiring 14w per bulb, the BIPS Edge Lit Modules adds a little more punch to your backlit graphics.

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