Properly Measure Your Silicone Edge Graphic Frame

If you have an existing Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) frame or light box and are looking to get a replacement fabric it is important to have the correct measurements. Here at 40 VISUALS we make it easy. We have provided three ways for you to learn how to measure your SEG frame. You can either view the video on this page, read the detailed steps below or click the button below to download an instructional PDF.


Download Instructions

What You’ll Need

  • Tape measure with both inches and millimeters
  • Pen & Paper
  • Camera, or camera phone

Measure the Frame

SEG Frame Measurement

Measure the outermost dimensions of the SEG frame. Use the inches side of the tape measure to record the width from side to side, and the height from top to bottom.

*If the frame was provided by 40 VISUALS skip to step 3. There is no need for any more measurements other than the frame dimensions.

Measure the Frame Channel

Silicone Edge Graphic Frame Channel Thickness Gasket

Measure the frame channel, the groove around the perimeter of the frame, where the silicone beading is inserted. This thickness varies depending on the frame manufacturer.

Pull a section of the graphic from the frame to access the frame channel. Now use the millimeter side of the tape measure held straight across the channel at any point. Snap a photo of the channel next to the tape measure.

Send the Dimensions

Silicone Edge Graphic Frame Measurement Send us a Photo

Email the outer frame dimensions (in inches) and a photo of the frame channel thickness (in millimeters) to or you can email your account rep here at 40 VISUALS.

Be sure to include your store or company name in the subject line and you are ready to order a replacement graphic for your existing SEG frame or light box.


Different than traditional duratran light boxes, Frameless LED Fabric Light Boxes use silicone edge graphics to provide a stylish frameless appearance for the graphic. 



Silicone Edge Fabric or (SEG) is a tension fabric that is printed using a dye sublimation process and sewn around the edges with a thin silicone strip (or Gasket). The edges of the finished fabric are inserted into a recessed groove around the perimeter of the framing system.



Ultra Thin Aluminum Framing System for Silicone Edge Fabric Graphics that are easy to construct and disassemble.