Selfie Backdrop Walls Using SEG Tension Fabric

Selfie SEG fabric printing tension self-standing frames framing backdrop wall
Selfie Backdrop Walls selfie wall backdrop SEG printing tension fabric stretch self-standing salon stores
Selfie Backdrop Walls selfie wall backdrop SEG self-standing printing graphics step and repeat
Selfie Backdrop Walls selfie wall backdrop step-and-repeat SEG tension fabric printing design photography
Selfie Backdrop Walls SEG selfie wall Tension printing frames quality step-and-repeat

Step and Repeat Selfie Backdrop Walls Catch Attention on Social Media

Brands and retailers are starting to use Selfie Backdrop Walls like this to encourage customers to take selfies.  This wall was printed with a step and repeat logo pattern on SEG Tension Fabric for a press event for salons and hair stylists.

The smooth, matte finish of SEG Tension Fabric invites photo backdrop opportunities because it isn’t reflective like other traditional printing options.

After a selfie is taken in front of the selfie wall, some brands are incentivizing social media posts using the photo.

Printed logos in a step and repeat pattern are the preferred form of promotion for red carpets and other events that offer photo opportunities. Now, step and repeat photo backdrops are also being used in retail shopping environments.

By using a step and repeat logo pattern on the selfie wall, it will guarantee that audiences can see the brand behind the selfie photo that was posted.

If you are interested in printing a step and repeat selfie wall for your store or event, please give us a call at 800-962-3119.